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About Us

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Canny Cutter is a child company of Deus Energy India – A Kitchen appliances manufacturing and trading company. Our mission is to provide products that make life easier for Indians, especially Indian Women.


Email – support@cannycutter.com

Clever cutter is a revolutionary product that will change the way to operate in your kitchen. It’s imported straight from California, USA.

No more spending long time on cutting/chopping vegetables. This 2-in-1 cutter is going to change the way you cut vegetables. No need for tradition and risky knife and chopping board. Clever cutter does it all for you.

Vegetables like ladies finger, Brinjal, Beans, carrots, cucumber, drumsticks and many more that takes too long to cut will be done in a few seconds using Canny Cutter.

Contact us if you have any other questions. Click here to buy Canny Cutter now.